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Core Manna Product

Core Manna

Undoubtedly, in the realm of immune health, Core Manna has positioned itself as the Holy Grail of Science in Supplementation. Just as the legendary chalice is believed to possess unique qualities of rejuvenation and immortality, Core Manna harnesses the science of glycoimmunology to make significant contributions to the advancement and enhancement of overall wellbeing with an emphasis on immune health.

Immune Benefits

Core Manna is aimed at enhancing overall well-being by addressing various aspects of human health. It helps promote cellular communication by improving the function of glycans, making cell-cell interactions more effective. It also aids in pathogen protection by augmenting the function of the mannose binding lectin, a major player in detecting and neutralizing harmful pathogens. Additionally, it enhances immune surveillance, essentially upgrading the body's recognition and response to potential threats. Last but certainly not least, Core Manna has displayed potential in alleviating symptoms of immune inflammatory issues. 

1. Promotes Cellular Communication

The study by Pinho et al. (2023) elucidates how glycans and glycan-binding proteins regulate immune responses, offering insights that could enhance treatments for autoimmune diseases and chronic infections by strategically manipulating these molecular networks.


Pinho, S.S., Alves, I., Gaifem, J. et al. Immune regulatory networks coordinated by glycans and glycan-binding proteins in autoimmunity and infection. Cell Mol Immunol 20, 1101–1113 (2023).

2. Aids in Pathogen Protection

The study from Takahashi, Ip, Michelow, and Ezekowitz significantly illuminates the structural characteristics, binding capacities, and particular functions of mannose-binding lectin (MBL) as a pivotal pattern recognition molecule, presenting its key role in broad-spectrum immunity against a wide range of infectious entities such as bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses, hence suggesting possible enhancements in therapeutic approaches for health conditions tied to immune irregularities.


Takahashi K, Ip WE, Michelow IC, Ezekowitz RA. The mannose-binding lectin: a prototypic pattern recognition molecule. Curr Opin Immunol. 2006 Feb;18(1):16-23. doi: 10.1016/j.coi.2005.11.014. Epub 2005 Dec 20. PMID: 16368230; PMCID: PMC7126801.

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3. Enhances Immune System Surveillance

The study by Gupta and Surolia highlights the critical role of collectins in innate immunity, detailing how these molecules recognize pathogens and activate immune responses, potentially guiding the development of new therapeutic interventions for infectious and inflammatory diseases.


Gupta G, Surolia A. Collectins: sentinels of innate immunity. Bioessays. 2007 May;29(5):452-64. doi: 10.1002/bies.20573. PMID: 17450595.

4. Promising Solution for Immune Inflammatory Maladies

Dhanalakshmi, Sruthi, Jinuraj, and team's research presents mannose as a promising saccharide candidate in disease management, outlining its potential applications against diverse diseases including Congenital Disorders of Glycosylation (CDG), diabetes, obesity, lung disease, autoimmune diseases, and cancer, with recent insights into its anti-tumor activity and role in drug delivery enhancing techniques, thereby providing a blueprint for future therapeutic strategies.


Dhanalakshmi, M., Sruthi, D., Jinuraj, K.R. et al. Mannose: a potential saccharide candidate in disease management. Med Chem Res 32, 391–408 (2023).

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Core Synergy

Core Synergy, a dynamic supplement designed with the singular purpose of fortifying the immune system. As our first line of defense, a robust immune system is a cornerstone of achieving and maintaining optimal health. Core Synergy harnesses the power of glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) and other natural ingredients, vital players in immune health, to aid in this pursuit. 

1. Strengthening Immunity with Natural Ingredients

3. Enhanced Extracellular Matrix Integrity

At the heart of Core Synergy's design is a suite of ingredients, among which glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) take center stage. GAGs are pivotal for immune function, as they occupy key roles in the repair and health of the glycocalyx—the sugar-based coating that protects cells and facilitates communication between immune cells (Pomin, V. H., 2015). This efficient cellular dialogue underpinned by Core Synergy enhances the body’s immune surveillance and pathogen detection capabilities.

2. Promoting Immune System Harmony

Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), integral components of the extracellular matrix, contribute to its structural integrity and mediate important biological functions (Shi, D., Sheng, A., & Chi, L., 2021).  Interestingly, pathogens can exploit GAGs—hijacking them for attachment, invasion, and evasion of immune responses (Kamhi, E., et al., 2013). This underpins the threat posed by GAG deficiencies, which could potentially encourage pathogenic survival. Core Synergy, harnessing the power of GAGs, boosts matrix resilience against pathogenic 'hijacks'—a factor that proves instrumental in sustaining synergy.

4. Rigorous Scientific Research and Quality Assurance

Core Synergy Product

Core Synergy aids in sustaining an efficient, yet non-overreactive immune system. GAGs have been observed to influence leukocyte trafficking and modulate cytokine activity, crucial elements for a proactive, but controlled immune response (Parish, C. R., 2006). This promotes balance, reflecting in an immune system prepared to address threats without inciting unnecessary inflammation.

The inclusion of glycoimmunology principles in the product design is based on the evolving understanding of the interaction between sugar molecules and the immune system, which promises ways to optimize immune responses (Cummings, R. D., & Pierce, J. M., 2014). GAGs’ immunomodulatory properties have been a subject of extensive study, with evidence elucidating how they affect everything from cell proliferation to the fine-tuning of immune responses (Collin, M., & Funderburgh, J. L., 2021).

Glyco Immune Pack

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Glyco Immune Pack

The Glyco Immune Pack presents a potent, health-enhancing duo comprising Core Manna and Core Resolve. These are the backbone of Core Health Synergy!

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