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Cardiovascular Support

Cosmic Cardiovascular Care

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Elevate Your Heart Health to a Universe of Harmony

The Pulse of Cardiovascular Well-being


Core Ether is not just a step but a giant leap in the world of cardiovascular support. Designed to align your heart's rhythm with the universe, Core Ether offers a unique cosmic journey where cutting-edge science meets the infinity of the cosmos, optimizing your heart well-being on a universal scale.

Why Core Ether?

  • Epigenetic Advancement: Harnessing the Ether-go-go gene to elevate cardiac electrical activity, promoting enhanced heart rate, and muscle contraction.

  • Quantum-Cosmic Linkage: Employing Aetherial bio-electromagnetic connectivity to bridge your heartbeats with the vastness of the cosmos.

  • Microtubule Consciousness Enhancement: Establishing a harmonious connection of consciousness through your heart's fine cellular structures.

  • Universal Cardiac Dynamics: Amplifying the heart's toroidal energy for peak contraction and relaxation—key to effective blood circulation.

  • Boosted Cardio Performance: Elevating your heart mechanics through Aether-related resonance principles for robust vitality.

  • Glycoimmunology for your Heart: Leveraging the power of glycans to fine-tune immune responses and protect against inflammation.


Core Ether's Vision for Heart and Universe

  • A Conduit to Enhanced Well-Being: Core Ether opens doors to a balanced heart rhythm that sings in tune with the eternal vibrations of the universe.

  • A Portal to Inner-Dimensional Wellness: Beyond a supplement, it's a gateway to a realm where your heart beats in harmony with nature’s subtle forces.

  • Synchronized Cardiac Function: Supporting your heart’s electrical infrastructure for efficient and coordinated blood flow.

  • Protection of the Heart's Foundations: Pioneering the pathway to heart health with the reinforcement of vital cardiac genes.


The Core of Core Ether

  • Bioelectric Synergy: Aligning your bioelectric energy fields with nature's profound vibrancy for a life full of energy and balance.

  • Heart-Mitochondrial Equilibrium: Maintaining the heart's cellular powerhouse for optimal functioning and longevity.

  • Cholesterol Management: Fine-tuning your body's pathways for lipid metabolism and arterial health.


The Promise of Core Ether

Core Ether pledges to transcend the boundaries of conventional cardiovascular care, uniting your heart with the Earth's magnetic field in a holistic celestial symphony. Let Core Ether be your heart's ally on a journey to sublime well-being, where every beat is a note in the orchestra of life.

Benefit May Include:


Epigenetic Ether-à-go-go Enhancement


Boosting Cardiac Electrical Activity through Epigenetic Enhancement of Cardiac Currents, Heart Rate,  Epithelial Electrolyte Transport, and Muscle Contraction


Aetherial Bio-Electromagnetic Connection


Bridging Heartbeats to the Cosmos with Quantum-Quasi Aetherial Electromagnetic Synergy

Improved Microtubule Consciousness Connectivity


Harmonious Consciousness Connection through the Heart's Microtubule Coherence


Enhanced Universal Cardiac Dynamics


Toroidal Energy Amplification of Heartbeat Efficacy through ROCK, Actin, and Myosin signaling for Optimal Contraction and Expansion

Boosted Cardiovascular Performance


Improved Heart Mechanics from Aether-Related Resonance Principles


Increased ATP Production


Amplification of Energy Production Leading to Improved Vital Force Energy for Bodily Functions


​Enhanced Heart Relaxation Performance


Optimization of Magnetic and Energetic Internal Interactions


Dynamic Calcium Channel Tuning


Elemental Harmony by Modulation of the 'Heavenly Gatekeeper' ORAI Protein


Piezoelectric Power


Piezoelectric Mechanosensory Enhancement, Fatty Acid Metabolic ATP Energy Conductance, and Bioelectric Cellular Communication Support


Coordinated Cardiac Function


Assistance of Regulated Heartbeat by Supporting Purkinje Fibers and Bundle of His Leading to a Coordinated Spread of Electrical Impulses and Effective Blood Circulation

Cardio Genetic Blueprint Support


Paving the Yellow Brick Road to Heart Health through the Modulation of 'Tinman' Gene


Facilitation of Cellular Processes & Efficient Signal Transmission


Prevention of Miscommunication through Gap Junction Protein Trafficking


Immune Inflammatory Response Regulation through Glycoimmunology


Support with Glycans and Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) Facilitating Communication, Modulating Inflammation, and Eliciting Proper Immune Responses


Endothelial Glycocalyx Protection for Cardiovascular Harmony


Assistance with Vascular Integrity, Management of Inflammation and Blood Clotting, Fluid Exchange Regulation, and Aid in Blood Pressure Control


Ion Channel Synchronization


Sarcolemma Support for Sodium, Potassium, and Calcium Channels Which Govern the Electrical Activity Necessary for Heartbeats


Heart Mitochondrial Balancing of Life & Death


Regulation of Cellular Energy Homeostasis and Cell Death for Assistance in Removal of Damaged Mitochondria through Autophagy, a process called Mitophagy for Mitochondrial Quality Control


Actin and Myosin Dynamic Duo Support


Essential Reinforcement for the Heart's Actin-Myosin Complex, Vital for Cardiac Muscle Contraction Pump Mechanisms and Overall Functioning of the Cardiovascular System


Regulation of Cellular Activity through Mechanotransduction


Modulation of Serum Response Factor (SRF) for Sensing and Responding to Environmental Cues thus Promoting Smooth Muscle Cell Operation


Electrical Ion Mechanotransduction


Transient Receptor Potential (TRP) Channel Modulation for Ionic Balance, Sensory Perception, Pace Making Rhythm, and More


Cholesterol and Steroid Pathway Potentiation


Enhancement of Mitochondria Cell Membrane Voltage Potential, Lipid Metabolism, Arterial Flow, & Vital Hormones


Vital Vasodilation with Nitric Oxide Support


Nitric Oxide Synthase Modulation Ensuring Optimal Vascular Health

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