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Oral Support

Revolutionizing Oral Health through Glycoimmunology

Core Dentine: Advanced Oral Care

Transforming Oral Health with the Power of Glycoimmunology

Revolutionize Your Smile with Cutting-Edge Science

Core Dentine takes your oral health into the future by harnessing the pioneering field of Glycoimmunology. This innovative approach uses complex sugar chains (glycans) to boost oral health interactions at the cellular level, transforming your sweet tooth into an asset for your wellness.

Why Choose Core Dentine?

  • Stronger Teeth: Promotes the remineralization process, fortifying the dentine beneath your enamel. Imagine making your teeth not just cleaner, but stronger.

  • Less Sensitivity: Enhances the repair of dentin matrix and reduces tooth pain sensitivity, making your daily coffee or ice cream enjoyable without the wince.

  • Acid Protection: Neutralizes harmful acids like lactic acid that threaten your enamel, safeguarding your tooth's outer shell.

  • Balanced Oral Environment: Regularizes oral pH levels, creating a hostile environment for harmful bacteria while fostering beneficial oral flora.

  • Support for Overall Health: Links oral care with broader health benefits, including heart, brain, and gut health, emphasizing the interconnectedness of bodily systems.


Glycoimmunology: The Science Behind Core Dentine

Glycoimmunology is an interdisciplinary science that explores how glycans affect immune system responses and tissue development. In the realm of dentistry, this translates into:

  • Immune Support: Glycans on cell surfaces help the immune system identify and respond to pathogens, maintaining oral health.

  • Bio Remineralization: Certain glycans are involved in the formation and strengthening of dental tissues such as dentin, revolutionizing approaches to tooth care.


Transformative Care Through Nanotechnology

Core Dentine employs a specialized nanohydrogel, derived from polysaccharide principles, that optimizes the delivery of key nutrients to promote dentin repair and overall oral health. This means every application is not just a treatment but a significant upgrade for your oral care routine.


Your Comprehensive Oral Health Ally

With Core Dentine, expect a reduction in tooth decay, strengthened tooth structure, decreased sensitivity, and an overall enhancement of your mouth's health environment. Each application is a step towards a healthier smile and a healthier you.


A Multi-Benefit Solution

By integrating cutting-edge science into daily oral care, Core Dentine not only improves your dental health but also supports systemic well-being, underscoring the critical link between a healthy mouth and a healthy body.

Core Dentine May Assist With:


  • Utilization of Sugar Chains, Glycoimmunology, and Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) in Oral Health Support

  • Remineralization of Dentine for Improved Tooth Strength

  • Enhancement of Odontoblast Differentiation and Dentinogenesis

  • Repair and Regeneration of Dentin Matrix Composition

  • Neutralization of Lactic Acid to Protect Tooth Enamel

  • Regulation of Oral pH Levels for Dental Health

  • Support for Nerve Health in the Oral Cavity

  • Reduction in Tooth Pain Sensitivity for Improved Comfort

  • Anti-inflammatory and Pain-Relieving Effects

  • Support for Gut-Brain Axis for Oral-Neuro Connection

  • Cardiovascular Health Support for Overall Well-being

  • Protection against Oral Biofilm Formation

  • Protection against Inflammation and Bacterial Infections in Gums

  • Oral Piezoelectric Mechanotransduction Support for Dental Health

  • Maintenance of Periodontal Health

  • Promotion of Oral Mucosa Healing and Wound Repair

  • Enhancement of Cellular Communication in Oral Tissues

  • Activation of Dental Stem Cells to Generate New Dentine via NANOG Fountain of Youth


Dentine, the innermost layer of dentin in a tooth, plays a crucial role in maintaining dental health. By harnessing the power of Glycoimmunology, Core Dentine offers an innovative way to enhance tooth remineralization and improve overall oral health.


Glycoimmunology is the interdisciplinary field that explores the complex interactions between glycans (sugar chains) and the immune system. It focuses on understanding how these glycans regulate various physiological processes, including immune responses and tissue development.


Glycans on the surface of cells play a vital role in immune recognition and response. These sugar chains help the immune system distinguish between healthy cells and harmful pathogens, allowing it to mount an appropriate defense.


Glycoimmunology has significant implications for dental health, as the oral cavity is a complex ecosystem with constant interactions between oral bacteria, the immune system, and the tissues of the mouth. Understanding these interactions can provide insights into novel strategies for promoting dental health and preventing oral diseases.


Glycans have the remarkable ability to influence the immune system's behavior. By altering the presentation and recognition of antigens, glycans can modulate immune cell responses and immune defense against oral pathogens.


Glycans also play a crucial role in regulating the health of teeth. Studies have shown that certain glycans are involved in the formation and mineralization of dental tissues, including dentin. Imbalances in glycans can lead to dental diseases such as tooth decay and dental hypersensitivity.


Recent scientific developments have shown that certain glycans have the potential to regulate the remineralization of dentin, the hard tissue underlying the enamel. This revolutionizes our understanding of dental health and paves the way for innovative approaches like Core Dentine's oral health solution through Glycoimmunology.


Core Dentine refers to the innermost layer of dentin in a tooth, located beneath the enamel and cementum. It primarily consists of microscopic tubules housing nerve fibers, ensuring tooth sensitivity.


Dentine comprises hydroxyapatite crystals and collagen fibers, providing strength and structure to the tooth. The tubules within dentin allow nutrients, fluids, and pathogens to travel between the pulp and the enamel.


Core Dentine's path-breaking oral health solution focuses on leveraging Glycoimmunology to promote the remineralization of dentin. By utilizing specific glycans and their interactions with the immune system, Core Dentine aims to enhance the natural tooth-repair process and strengthen dentin.


By integrating Glycoimmunology principles into dental care, this solution has the potential to not only assist in remineralization but also reduce tooth sensitivity and enhance the overall health of teeth.


Core Dentine's oral health solution can be practically applied through a specialized Nanohydrogel designed to optimize the remineralization process, stimulate dentin repair and promote oral health.


By incorporating Core Dentine's solution into oral healthcare routines, individuals can expect improved dental health. This includes a reduction in tooth decay, strengthened dentin, decreased tooth sensitivity, and an overall enhancement of oral hygiene.

In addition, the health of your heart, brain, and gut are directly influenced by oral health.


Core Dentine's oral health solution, based on Glycoimmunology principles, offers a groundbreaking approach to enhance tooth remineralization, promote oral health, and enhance heart, brain, and gut health all in an easy to use 100% safe and effective nanohydrogel derived from polysaccaride principles.  


For those desiring optimal oral health, it is vital to explore the potential of Core Dentine's solution

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