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Sugar Chains - The Key To Life

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

The human body consists of about 60 trillion cells, and nearly all of them have sugar chains protruding from their surfaces. They are the key to life!

The sugar chain is like the face of the cell. When we communicate with other people, we look at their face to identify them. Likewise, cells, as well as proteins and many other biological molecules, recognize sugar chains exposed to cell surfaces and bind to them to achieve mutual communication.

Viruses, bacteria and pathogenic toxins also recognize sugar chains, bind to them, and invade cells.

In immunology, the discrimination of self and non-self determines whether a pathogen is ameliorated, or whether an autoimmune reaction occurs.

At the heart of many of these reactions is how glycans (sugars) dictate the immune/inflammatory response.

Pathogens love tricking our immune system by going stealth mode. They do this by decorating themselves to look as if they are supposed to be there. This is called a "Glycan Shield".

This immune evasion technique is the same for all pathogens from bacteria, viruses, and fungus, for example.

Fortunately, our body has what's called Pattern Recognition Receptors whose job is to flag these foreign invaders.

We are exposed to millions of potential pathogens daily. Our body uses sugars, or glycans, to fight back. Our immune cells usually have no problem recognizing the sugars on our own cells as ‘self’, but when pathogens use decoys to look like healthy cells, it can be difficult for the body to know what’s real or not.

Again, these pathogens use ‘glycan shields’ and can alter sugar chains on the cell surface to avoid recognition. These foreigners have developed mechanisms to allow them to invade human cells, which forces the body to attack itself and shift its attention away from the pathogen. This may lead to undesired responses and symptoms in which one’s body attacks healthy cells rather than the pathogen.

The ingredients found in Core Manna are essential for discrimination between self and nonself.

Core Manna restores proper function with immune system signaling by glycoengineering, bioencoding, re-educating, and communicating all of the necessary components we need to establish 'self' vs. 'nonself' again for proper pattern recognition.

It is the first supplement to bring together cutting-edge ingredients to bio sync the body's natural self-healing process. We believe in looking at the needs of the whole person and getting to the core of the matter - not just addressing symptoms, or symptoms of symptoms.

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